iScale Capital

iScale Capital drives the digital revolution, empowering SMEs and mid-caps with a EUR 90-130m fund. Our expert team is dedicated to long-term growth, shaping the future of business in Europe. Join us and amplify success.

Investment Footprint Across the Continent

With a solid base in Romania, iScale Capital is charting a course for growth across Eastern Europe. We are strategically positioned to tap into the region's potential, fostering progress and innovation.

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Executive Summary

Innovation Focus

Bold Innovation in Emerging Europe

Embracing change and innovation, iScale Capital focuses on empowering bold and agile companies in Romania and the wider European region, aiming to disrupt the status quo with fresh, forward-thinking investment strategies.

    Regional Strategy

    Strategic Market Focus

    With a keen eye on Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, the Western Balkans, and Moldova, iScale Capital harnesses a wave of parallel financial resources dedicated to digital transformations and EU expansion initiatives to help the growth in these burgeoning markets.

      Expert Management

      Expertise-Driven Fund Management

      Leveraged by a deep regional expertise and a strong track record in private equity, fund administration, and sector-specific insights, the fund is positioned to optimize investment outcomes across the SME and Midcap landscape.

        Intelligent Investment Synergy

        Investment Synergy

        Blending equity and quasi-equity financing with a long-term horizon, iScale Capital is poised to maximize fund performance through a strategic co-investment policy that aligns with cross-product policy goals.