Recover files from a Legato backup (command line)


The command line is always a bit quicker and easier, in my opinion, than using a GUI, particularly when you’re over a remote connection. To recover a file from a Legato backup, perform the following steps.

Start by changing to the directory to restore to. Open a Legato recover shell:

      # /usr/bin/recover -s  -c client
      > versions 
      > changetime 
      > add 
      > volumes   (prints volume containing saveset)

According to the volumes that are output above, deposit and inventory tapes these tapes if they’re not already present in the autochanger. Repeat the above procedure to verify that Legato is satisfied that the volumes are present.

      > volumes  (should print "all on-line")
      > dest  (confirm that path is correct, otherwise, use "relocate")
      > recover

After some whirring and output messages, your files should be restored from backup.

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