XSCF Notes


The Sun M5000 service console is known as the XSCF. These notes summarise some of the commands necessary to manage it. This is only a digest and it is vital to read the the man pages or other official documentation.

DSCP: Domain to Service processor Communication Protocol

The Domain to Service Processor Communication Protocol (DSCP) provides IP communication between the service processor (SP) and the domain without any new hardware; it uses a single mailbox in the shared RAM, and using a pseudo serial driver on top of that mailbox.

How to set up DSCP

On the chosen VLAN:

    XSCF> setdscp -i -m

This sets a range of IPs which the domains will use.

    XSCF> showdscp 

DSCP Configuration:
Location Address
---------- ---------
Domain #00
Domain #01
Domain #02
Domain #03

And from the domain itself:

    # /usr/platform/SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise/sbin/prtdscp

    #  ifconfig sppp0

The advantage of plumbing the IP between the domain and the SP is that management can occur over shared infrastructure network services, such as NTP and DNS. One can even access the SP from a domain via SSH:

    # ssh `/usr/platform/SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise/sbin/prtdscp -s`

M5000 XSCF Configuration

  • Connect using serial to ethernet cable to XSCF lan0 on right side.
  • Login: default (no password); will be given instruction to turn key to “Service”, press enter, then turn back to “Lock”.
  • Create an admin user (so that the keyswitch rigmarole isn’t required for remote user):
  •         # adduser eis-installer
            # passwd eis-installer
            # setprivileges eis-installer useradm platadm
  • logout, login as eis-installer
  •    # setupplatform   (wizard to set all parameters)
  • Follow instructions, setting up xscf#lan#0 only
  • Set up DNS, ssh, DHCP
  • Reboot XSCF
  •    XSCF> rebootxscf
Archive snapshot of SP
    XSCF> snapshot -l -t rjh@

Domain Configuration

Glossary of Terms
  • PSB: Physical System Board – consisting of physical components (CPU, I/O unit, etc); either whole, or divided into 4 (?).
  • CMU: CPU/Memory Unit – used in M8000/M9000 server
  • MBU: Motherboard Unit (in M5000, a CMU is mounted on a MBU);
  • PSB: division type The setting for system board segmentation, either Uni-XSB or Quad-XSB (divide with “setupfru”)
  • XSB: eXtended System Board – made up of physical components, either one complete unit or four sub-components. XSB is the unit used for domain construction and identification. (display with “showfru”);
  • XSCF: eXtended System Control Facility
  • DCL: Domain Component List: list of system boards used to construct each domain

The PSB gets divided into XSBs.


Show System Board configuration:

    XSCF> showfru -a sb


    XSCF> setupfru -x 4 sb 00

Show DCL (Domain Component List):

    XSCF> showdcl -va

Show Boards:

    XSCF> showboards -va


Output shows that board 00 is in Quad-mode, whereas 01 and 02 are in Unix-mode.

XSB R DID(LSB) Assignment Pwr Conn Conf Test Fault COD
—- – ——– ———– —- —- —- ——- ——– —-
00-0 SP Unavailable n n n Passed Normal n
00-1 SP Unavailable n n n Passed Normal n
00-2 SP Unavailable n n n Passed Normal n
00-3 SP Unavailable n n n Passed Normal n
01-0 SP Unavailable n n n Unknown Normal n
02-0 SP Unavailable n n n Unknown Normal n

Other XSCF Commands

   > showstatus
   > showlogs monitor

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