Software Distributor Copy (swcopy)


The notes on this page pertain to the swcopy command on HP/UX 11.11, which is used to transfer HP/UX software distribution depots from place to place.

A simple syntax is as follows:

    # swcopy -x enforce_dependencies=false -s  \

And an example to copy software from a depot file to a registered depot:

    # swcopy -x enforce_dependencies=false -s  \
                          @ /usr/local/depots/11.11_unlicensed_apps

When mounting a software depot residing on a HP-supplied CD or DVD, the following commands should be executed to register and use the depot.

   # ioscan -fnC disk
   # mount /cdrom
   # cd 
   # swreg -l depot `pwd`
   # swlist -l depot
   # swinstall

And remember when patching to tick the “Match What Target Has” option.

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