Synchronization of LVM metadata in ServiceGuard


On HP/UX when copying LVM information between servers of a ServiceGuard cluster, say when replicating a disk change, the following procedure should be observed:

  • First, shutdown package that owns volume group.
  • Export volume group information to mapfile and copy to remote host:
  •     # vgexport -m <mapfile> -v -s -p vg02  
                   (-p switch, 'preview', prevents deletion of the volume group)
        # scp <mapfile> remote:/tmp
  • On the other host (to which the VG will be imported) erase old VG info with the same command, but without the “-p” switch.
  •     # vgexport -m  -v -s vg02  
  • Import mapfile, recreate and reimport volume group:
  •     # mknod /dev/vg02/group c 64 0x020000
        # vgimport -m /tmp/ -v -s vg02
        # vgchange -c y -S y vg02
  • Restart ServiceGuard package (cmrunpkg).>/li>

On a shared disk

Shutdown all packages accessing VG. Take disk out of shared mode:

    # vgchange -c n -S n 
    # vgchange -a y 

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