Kernel Configuration on HP/UX 11i


There are many occasions where a HP/UX kernel should be customised to improve its performance. This can be done using SAM, often choosing a pre-configured kernel, but it is important to understand how the kernel files are layed out, and how reconfiguration can be effected on a lower level.

This is the manual procedure for doing so:

Manual Kernel Configuration Procedure

    # cd /stand/build

Create a new system file from the running kernel.

    # /usr/lbin/sysadm/system_prep -s /stand/build/system

Edit the new system file produced and build the new kernel.

    # /usr/sbin/mk_kernel -s /stand/build/system

Back up old vmunix and system files

    # mv /stand/system /stand/system.prev

Move new files into place and reboot:

    # mv /stand/build/system /stand/system
    # kmupdate /stand/build/vmunix_test
    # shutdown -ry 0

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