IgniteUX: Create a Golden Image


HP/UX 11 ships with a a script at: /opt/ignite/data/scripts/make_sys_image. The purpose of this is to create a single bootable tape or file that comprises a “golden image”. This idea being that it can be used a an offline installation method.

This make_sys_image script creates a gzipped tar file under /var/tmp by default. The LEVEL2_RESET variable in the script contains those files which are reset to a new config state. By commenting these out of this variable in the script, they will be retained in the image.

Disk, filesystem and some system and networking parameters which are excluded from an archive can be retained by first running “save_config” before generating the archive.

Simple Method to Create an Ignite/UX Golden Image

Make copy of /opt/ignite/data/scripts/make_sys_image and customise this, making changes to the LEVEL2_RESET variable, where applicable.

    # init 2
    # kill 
    # /tmp/make_sys_image -d /var/tmp/ignite -s local

When complete, restore init level.

Simple method to create a recovery image

To create a simple recovery tape, the following command can be used.

    # make_recovery -v -C -A -d /dev/rmt/0m

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