Networking on HP/UX


Notes on networking in HP/UX.

Networking Commands

    # lanadmin
    # lanscan
    # landiag
    # netstat -in
    # ifconfig lanX

Configuration files

   * /etc/rc.config.d/netconf 
   * /etc/rc.config.d/nddconf 

Setting network interface speed and duplex

   * /etc/rc.config.d/hpigelanconf 
   * /etc/rc.config.d/hpbtlanconf 

Obtain device from ioscan

    # lanadmin -x 
    # lanadm -X 100FD 

Disable console logging

    # nettlconf -L -console 0
    # nettl -stop
    # nettl -start

This procedure will modify the nettlgen.conf file, and is permanent.

Linkloop – test interface connectivity

    # linkloop -i  

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